SiteSifter finds highly conserved DNA motifs embedded within coding
 regions. Each instance of a motif is scored based on the chance that
 its constituent codons are conserved over and above that required for
 amino acid conservation.
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COALESCE uses large collections of genomic data and Bayesian
 integration to predict coregulated gene modules, the conditions of
 regulation, and the consensus binding motifs for regulation. It uses
 a synthesis of gene expression biclustering, motif prediction, and
 data integration (including expression, sequence, nucleosome
 positioning, and evolutionary conservation). It is available as part
 of the Sleipnir library.
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Nearest Neighbor Networks
Nearest Neighbor Networks (NNN) is a graph-based algorithm used to
 cluster genes with similar microarray expression profiles. The NNN
 clustering method is an alternative to classical techniques such as
 hierarchical and K-means clustering. NNN generates clusters of
 functionally related genes with high precision, and the clusters
 generally represent a broader selection of biological processes than
 those produced by other methods; NNN performs best on data sets with
 many conditions and on datasets that are modular (i.e. contain several
 grouped subsets of conditions).
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