Join Team Coller

The Coller lab applies cutting-edge systems biology, cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry and mouse model approaches to address fundamental questions about the cell cycle and cancer.  Highly committed and qualified students and scientists are encouraged to contact the PI.

We are currently actively looking for an undergraduate interested in bioinformatics. See information below:

Title: Analysis of isoform expression and chromatin marks

Project Description: Multiple projects are available to analyze large genomic and epigenomic datasets that are publicly available or generated in our laboratory. These projects will explore: 1) long noncoding RNAs; and 2) role of chromatin modifications and chromatin structure in proliferating cells and in cells that have exited the cell cycle. We are looking for students with some familiarity with programming in R, python, basic statistics, RNA-seq analysis, and Hoffman2 cluster. Some knowledge regarding CHIP-seq and Hi-C analysis would be useful but not required.

Requirements: One year of programming coursework such as PIC 10C or CS 32

Contact: Hilary Coller (hcoller at ucla dot edu)

Possibility of Funding? No