Lab News

David gave a talk at the UCLA MCDB Department Retreat in Santa Barbara

Two of our undergrads, Emily & Yiling, just submitted grad school apps!!

Emily presented her work at the CARE SEM poster session

SPUR HHMI undergraduate student, Alex, presented his work!

Our BiG summer students presented their work

Visiting undergraduate, Courtney, presented the work she did with us this summer

Goodbye lunch for Ellen before she leaves for Boston!

Aaron had the opportunity to speak at ISSCR

Congratulations to our graduating seniors!!

Elif presented her work at UCLA’s Undergraduate Research Day!

Adriana presented her work at UCLA’s GREAT meeting

Skott’s goodbye lunch! We will miss him!

Adriana had the opportunity to present (talk/poster) her work at the Keystone Epigenetics & Human Disease conference!

Congratulations to Dr. Lee! He graduated with his PhD!

Congrats to Emily who won a poster award at ABRCMS!

We don’t always accidentally match, but when we do….

UCLA Research Alert

The JCCC wrote a Research Alert for Skott’s latest paper. Take a look here.

Our summer student, Lannah, presenting her work.

Our undergrad, Emily, presenting her work.

Our undergrad, Vinnay, presented a poster at the International Conference on Systems Biology of Human Disease (SBHD) here at UCLA

Lab birthdays – 2018!

Our undergraduates, Oye, Vinay, Linda, Mona, Liz, and Lois, all presented their research at Undergraduate Research Day!

Congratulations to Mona and Liz on their Dean’s Prizes for Undergraduate Research!

Skott gave a great talk at the UCLA Biological Chemistry floor meeting

Undergraduate researcher Oye giving a talk for UCLA Bruin Day

Congratulations to Liz, she is off to UPenn next year!

Congratulations to our amazing undergrads who all won Poster Awards at ABRCMS this year. Only 300/2000 won!

Mona, Liz, Linda, and Oye all won!

Liz presenting her work at the UCLA SPUR Symposium

We hosted a QC Bio Happy Hour

Congrats & thank you to our BIG Summer Students, Roshni and Jigar, for a great and productive summer! We will miss you.

Congrats to our undergraduate student Alec for a great talk at RECOMB!

Calvin (Coller Lab associate / photographer) & Skott

Lab member birthdays:

Our undergraduate students:

Undergraduates Mona and Linda presented their work at the UCLA undergraduate poster session

Aaron presented his research here at the UCLA Biological Chemistry floor meeting

Congratulations to our amazing undergrads:

Alec Chiu got accepted to the UCLA Bioinformatics IDP and will begin in the fall

Oye Bosompra was accepted to the Mayo Clinic Summer Research Fellowship

Mona Chantri was accepted to the HHMI Exrop program

Linda Ho was also accepted to the HHMI Exrop program

Mona gave a poster presentation at the UCLA Stem Cell Symposium

Skott presented his research at the American Society of Cell Biology meeting

Congratulations Mona on your poster prize at the American Physician Scientist Society!

Oye and Mona presented posters at the SPUR/GR poster session!

Mona and Oye at poster session

Visiting surgeon Aksone Nouvong at the VA.


Lab lunch to thank Omar and Alec for working with us over the summer!

thank you lunch Omar and Alec

Our BIG Summer Student, Alec Chiu, spent 6 weeks working with us and gave a great poster presentation!

Alec also won the Best Poster Award at the BIG Poster Session!


Congratulations Dr. Ellen Zhang!!

IMG_7941 IMG_7943

Congratulations to Skott for receiving the Life Science Innovation Fun!

Congratulations to Aaron for presenting at the Biological Chemistry Floor Meeting


Coller lab holiday party

IMG_5692 IMG_5713

The lab at MCDB Retreat (Dec 2015)

Adriana, Skott, and Mithun all gave posters and Aaron gave a great talk.

Contrats to Mithun for getting a poster award!

IMG_5490 IMG_5479 IMG_5431 IMG_5517

Congratulations to Skott for passing his Oral Qualifying Exam!

IMG_5017 IMG_5027

Mithun gave a great talk at the Bioinformatics USC/UCLA Joint Meeting

Aaron was awarded the UCLA GenoSeq Core Fluidigm Award. Congrats Aaron!

Fluidigm Award

Mithun presented his research at the first annual QCB retreat at Lake Arrowhead

unnamed (1)

Our BIG Summer Student, Daniel Taylor, spent 6 weeks working with us and gave a great poster presentation!

Daniel also won the Best Poster Award at the BIG Poster Session!

unnamed image

Birthday celebrations throughout the year!

Visiting the digital image facilities at Cedars SinaiIMG_3827 IMG_3821

Lab Lunch

Trip to restaurant after Cedars Sina

Aaron presented his work at the USC/UCSF/UCLA Tri Institutional Stem Cell Retreat

unnamed (2)

Ellen presented her research at the Biological Chemistry Seminar


Aaron gave a great talk at the Stem Cell Club.


Adriana did a great job presenting at the Gene Regulation Journal Club.

20140220 Adriana Talk

Aaron presenting his research at the UCLA Stem Cell Conference 

2015-02-06 01.25.45 1

The lab celebrated Ellen & Tony’s marriage as well as Chinese New Year with a delicious lunch and cake!

Congrats again, Tony & Ellen!

Mithun gave an excellent presentation concerning his research at the Gene Regulation Meeting.

Mithun Gene Reg

UCLA Metabolism Interest Group

Ellen gave another wonderful talk at the UCLA Metabolism Interest group.


UCLA Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology Department Retreat

Ellen gave a great talk at the MCDB Retreat at Lake Arrowhead!

Celebrating Hilary’s birthday!

Hilary's Birthday 1 Hilary's Birthday 2

Ellen has finally arrived from Princeton! We’re so happy she could join us and the move went smoothly


David kicked-off the Metabolism Interest Group Seminar Series with a GREAT talk!

Celebrating Aaron & Adriana’s fellowship awards.

Aaron received the Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Broad Stem Cell Institute and Adriana received the UCLA Cell and Molecular Biology Training Grant.


Newest members of the Coller Lab:

First Lab Photo

Aaron, Adriana, Skott, Mithun, and David